Brian Baxley


Brian Baxley is a senior research engineer designing and testing new flight crew procedures that utilize ADS-B In technology. He recently worked on Flight-deck Interval Management to develop the concept, algorithms, displays, and procedures to enable flight crew to achieve an arrival sequence and spacing to a particular point assigned by air traffic control. He was the Technical Lead for a commercial aircraft flight test campaign in 2017, Principal Investigator for multi-simulator experiments in 2015, 2013 and 2011 at NASA Langley and NASA Ames. Prior to that, his prior NASA work was as a team lead and flight test director for the Small Aircraft Transportation System that culminated with a flight demonstration in 2005.

Brian is the Chairman of Langley Research Center’s Airworthiness and Safety Review Board that reviews and approves all manned and unmanned research flights. He also served for an extended period as the Vice-Chair of the Institutional Review Board, and was a long-term member and past Chair of the AIAA Aircraft Operations Technical Committee.

Prior to joining NASA, Brian was an Air Force aerospace engineer and pilot stationed throughout the United States, Far East, and Europe. He flew combat sorties in the F-4G “Wild Weasel” during Operation Desert Storm and in the F-15C “Eagle” during Operation Iraqi Freedom. USAF jobs relevant to Brian’s NASA air traffic management and cockpit procedures work include: F-4G Instructor and Flight Examiner (Nellis AFB, NV); Chief of Plans (installed and ran NATO’s air command and control network in Izmir, Turkey); Chief of Training (led certification of F-15C integrated combat simulators); and Squadron Commander (Tabuk, Saudi Arabia –leading 120 people with diverse skills and responsibilities).

He has a BS in Aerospace Engineering and a MS in Systems Management, an Airline Transport Pilot certificate, and flew 12 years as a Lear 35 first officer for a company conducting military aviation support missions (large force exercises, electronic warfare, test and validation, controller training, surface-to-air gunnery, and air-to-air gunnery).


Over 35 Technical Papers and Conference Papers (


2017 – NASA AA Award for Leadership and Management Excellence
2016 – NASA Silver Achievement Medal