The Smart-NAS Testbed was started by NASA under the Airspace Operations and Safety Program (AOSP) with the goal of becoming a platform to accelerate the transformation of the NAS. The need for this platform was necessitated by the slow rate at which new technologies and procedures are adopted into the NAS and the difficulty of validating the benefits and operational readiness of new technologies across the entire NAS and the context of other systems and operations. SMART-NAS will provide the ability to robustly prove new systems and ideas accelerating their entry into the NAS.

The technical challenge of the SMART-NAS test bed comes from developing a simulation and test environment suitable for conducting the credible mid and high-fidelity evaluations of NextGen NAS concepts, and architectures and technologies that the requirements of both the FAA and NASA ARMD time-tables.

In order to meet this challenge, LaRC has made a tremendous effort on multiple fronts that include:


Tech POC: Neil O’Connor