Kurt Swieringa


Kurt Swieringa is an aerospace research engineer in the Crew Systems and Aviation Operations Branch at the NASA Langley Research Center. Kurt is interested in developing new technologies to improve the usability and efficiency of the National Airspace System. Most recently, Kurt has been investigating the integration of two technologies that are designed to improve the efficiency of arrival operations into busy airports: Terminal Sequencing and Spacing and Interval Management. Kurt has led or played a key role in several fast-time simulations, human-in-the-loop simulations, and a flight test. Kurt received bachelor’s degrees in engineering physics and aerospace engineering from the University of Michigan in 2010 and a master’s degree in aerospace engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2013. 

Selected Publications

1. Swieringa, Kurt A., Sara R. Wilson, and Brian T. Baxley. “System Performance of an Integrated Airborne Spacing Algorithm with Ground Automation.” 16th AIAA Aviation Technology, Integration, and Operations Conference. 2016.

2. Wilson, Sara R., Kurt A. Swieringa, Robert D. Leonard, Evan Freitag, and David J. Edwards. Statistical engineering approach to improve the realism of computer-simulated experiments with aircraft trajectory clustering. Quality Engineering, 1-14. 2016.

3. Swieringa, Kurt A. The String Stability of a Trajectory-Based Interval Management Algorithm in the Midterm Airspace. 15th AIAA Aviation Technology, Integration, and Operations Conference (p. 2278). 2015.

4. Swieringa, Kurt A., Jennifer L. Murdoch, Brian Baxley, and Clay Hubbs. Evaluation of an airborne spacing concept, on-board spacing tool, and pilot interface. In Proceedings of the 11th AIAA Aviation Technology, Integration, and Operations (ATIO) Conference. 2011. 


2017 Doug Ensor Award for Young Engineer of the Year

2016 – NASA Early Career Achievement Medal

2016 – AIAA Hampton Roads Section Young Engineer or the Year Award