Elliot Biltekoff

Contact Information

Elliot Biltekoff
Crew Systems and Aviation Operations Branch (D318)

NASA Langley Research Center
Mail Stop 152
Hampton, VA 23681
Email: elliot.l.biltekoff@nasa.gov


Elliot Biltekoff joined the Crew Systems and Aviation Operations Branch in 2023 as a Human Factors Researcher. He earned an M.S. in Industrial Engineering: Human Factors (2020) and a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering: Human Factors (2023) from University at Buffalo.

He has evaluated psychometric scales of measurement and modeled judgments using fuzzy logic while studying human performance modeling and psychometric judgments. He has multiple years of experience teaching courses in Human Factors on safety and user-centered design to undergraduate and graduate students.

He currently is a part of the Human-Autonomy Teaming (HAT) Foundational Research group under the Transformational Tools and Technologies Autonomous Systems (T3-AS) sub-project. Within the context of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), the group is performing basic and applied research on HAT principles and tools that support increasingly autonomous small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) operations and urban air mobility (UAM) concepts.