Jinhua Li

Jinhua Li has been a research computer engineer in the Crew Systems and Aviation Operations Branch at NASA Langley Research Center since 2023. Previously, he worked at the Aviation Systems Division, NASA Ames Research Center in the areas of air traffic management systems. His expertise includes modeling and simulation development, algorithm development, aviation environment, and sustainability. Jinhua earned a Ph.D. degree in Aerospace Engineering from Purdue University.

Selected Publications

  1. Jinhua Li, Yun Zheng, Menachem Rafaelof, Hok K. Ng, and Stephen Rizzi, “AIRNOISEUAM: An Urban Air Mobility Noise-Exposure Prediction Tool”, Inter-Noise, 2021.
  2. Jinhua Li, Hok K. Ng, and Yun Zheng, “Noise Exposure Maps for Urban Air Mobility”, AIAA Aviation, 2021.