Kurt Severance


Kurt Severance is a senior computer engineer in the Flight Software Systems Branch, where he conducts research in real-time imaging, data visualization, and photogrammetry systems applied to aeronautics, space, and atmospheric sciences.  He contributed to many flight projects including those of the F-16XL, F-106B, X-43A, Ares I-X, CALIPSO, and the Max Launch Abort System (MLAS).  His most recent work involved development and integration of real-time image processing systems for multi-sensor image fusion and moving-target detection, which was recently tested during a successful flight test on the Langley B-200 KingAir.  He is an Associate Fellow of the AIAA and former Chairman of the AIAA Hampton Roads Section.  Kurt has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Louisville and a Master’s Degree from the College of William and Mary.


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2015 – NASA Group Achievement Award: Vision System Technologies Team.

2011 – NASA NESC Engineering Excellence Award: Orion Crew Module Photogrammetry.

2011 – NASA Group Achievement Award: Crew Module Water Landing.

2010 – NASA Group Achievement Award: Ares I-X Systems Engineering.

2009 – NASA Group Achievement Award: Max Launch Abort System Team.

2008 – NASA Group Achievement Award: CALIPSO Data Processing Team.

2006 – NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal: World-class Data Visualization Systems.

2005 – NASA Group Achievement Award: Flight 3 of X-43A Hyper-X.

2004 – NASA Group Achievement Award: Flight 2 of X-43A Hyper-X.

2004 – NASA Group Achievement Award: Flight 587 Accident Investigation.