We have developed and evaluated methods and technologies to allow multiple actors(traffic managers, air traffic controllers, airline dispatchers, and flight crews) to negotiate trajectory changes ranging from local, single aircraft to strategic, fleet-wide, regional, and national quickly and efficiently via electronic communications.  The methods and technologies allow air traffic controllers to manage aircraft with different 4DT capabilities and conducting different 4DT operations efficiently in shared airspace. We are collaborating with the FAA and Industry on TBO 4DT Simulation/Demonstration.

This research will enable users to negotiate how they fly to meet-ANSP-defined constraints including metering and traffic. Allow each user to optimize each flight based on unique business considerations. The integration of several existing and emerging technologies and concepts into a unified operation will a allow an easier streamlined user experience. This will also enable controllers to manage diverse set of aircraft (conventional, supersonic, high-efficiency, UAS,…) with different operational capabilities in the same airspace with a common set of tools.

Tech POC: Bryan Barmore